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Description rapide : Le serpent de Nokia, ça vous dit quelque chose ?
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Description Complète : Nibbelz

I. Keys:
Arrows | Move the snake
Apps | Pauses the game
Esc | Exits the game and level
+ | Goes to Next level see VI for more info.
I | You will never get a game over
T | Puts apple if there is not one
2nd | Turn of calc while in pause mode
Diamond | Turn of calc while in pause mode
Shift | Turn of calc while in pause mode

II. Features:

There is a status bar that shows you your apples,lives,Score,Level,Skill setting, and version number. For Skillsettings it shows ether a VE = VeryEasy, V = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, and VH = VeryHard. There is 5 different high scores for each skill setting and 10 levels. The apples are small round dots.

III. Insturctions:

Object: To get all the apples

How to Play: Move the snake around trying to move over the round small dots that look like apples by avoiding the Walls in the level.

IV. Pausing
This game has a pause features that lets you turn of the calculator while in pause mode. There are 3 buttons you can press to turn off the calculator while in pause mode; Shift, 2nd, and Diamond. To activate pause you must press the [Apps] button. To get out of pause you have to press one of the directions or [apps] button then any key after that.

IV. Cheat Codes

There is two cheat code so far,
(1) the plus symbol [+], that goes to the next level.
(2) the I Letter, That keeps you from getting a game over.
There is one drawback tho from using cheat codes; if you use the cheat codes you can't get a high score.

V. Bugs

There is one Bug with the apples getting ereased by the head of the snake which I have not been able to fix. Since I can not fix this bug yet I have added in a button to reput the apple if one does not appear.

IV. My Information:
Plz E-mail me any comments or questions about how to play or code this game.

Email: CPrgmSwR2@AOL.COM
Aol Screen Name: CPrgmSwR2
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