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Description rapide : Un Phoenix-like de Patrick Davidson
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Calculatrices concernées : TI-92I TI-92II
Hardware concernés : HW1
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Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM Kernel
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A L L E C T O - The ultimate (?) shoot-em-up for TI-89/92/92+!

Version 7.4006 - Released April 30, 2001

This program is in the public domain. There is no warranty.

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_____________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Introduction ..................................................... 26
2. System requirements .............................................. 51
3. Legal stuff ...................................................... 65
4. Instructions ..................................................... 86
5. Shop Items ...................................................... 158
6. Player Ships .................................................... 239
7. Contacting the Programmer ....................................... 278
8. Acknowledgements ................................................ 310
9. Version History ................................................. 341
10. The Future ..................................................... 565

_____________________________________ INTRODUCTION

Allecto is a free/open source shoot-em-up style game for the TI-89, TI-92,
and TI-92 Plus calculators. This game was mostly written in the early part
of 1998 for TI-92 calculators. It is now also available for the TI-89 and
TI-92 Plus. This game was written completely in 68000 assembly language to
fully take advantage of the calculator's capabilities. It's features include
many levels, many enemies, smooth gameplay, and the ability to purchase
upgrades to your ship and new ships. The current version also has multiple
difficulty levels and a high score table, and game saving capability.

If you want to obtain other calculator programs or learn more about TI
calculators, I would suggest visiting the web sites listed below. They all
have large archives as well as help sections. If you don't know how to
transfer programs to your calculator, or how to run them once you've
transferred them, you need to read their help pages to learn how. (English) Dimension-TI (English) TI-FR (French)

Modification of this program is encouraged. To facilitate this, I have
placed the program in public domain, and supplied another document,
'INTERNAL.TXT', which describes the internal workings of the program.

_____________________________________ SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

For TI-92 and TI-92 II users:
* Fargo II must be installed
* 16K of memory is needed to store the game
* 4K of free memory is needed to run the game

For TI-89 or TI-92 Plus users:
* 16K of memory is needed to store the game
* No shell or kernel is required (but it will work with one)
* All hardware and AMS versions are OK, except for AMS version 2.03,
which will not work since it has an 8K limit on assembly programs;
this problem can be fixed by upgrading to AMS 2.05

_____________________________________ LEGAL STUFF

Since you did not pay me anything for the right to use this software, there
is no warranty of any kind. This software has been tested, and at the time
of release the author was not aware of any problems with it. However, there
is still a possibility of unforeseen problems. If you do encounter any
problems with this program, please inform me as soon as possible (of course,
I cannot guarantee that I will fix such problems.

This software is in the public domain, which means that it is not copyrighted
at all. Thus you may use, copy, or modify it any way you want.

However, I would appreciate if you at least do the following if you are
making a modified version:

- Don't restrict distribution of it
- Supply source code
- Give me a reasonable amount of credit
- Make your version also public domain, or copyrighted under a license that
still allows users to modify it

_____________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS

You can run this program just as you would any other program; simply send
the "allecto" program to the calculator and run it, by typing the command
'allecto()' on the home screen. If you are using a TI-92, you must have the
Fargo II operating system installed first. Note that (on the TI-89 and
TI-92 Plus) some shells may not allow you to run Allecto from them. If this
happens, it is because the shell doesn't support nostub programs, which is a
problem in the shell, not in Allecto. You can work around this problem by
running it from the home screen instead. You can also select the program's
name from the var-link menu if you don't feel like typing it.

When you first run Allecto, you will see the title screen. This screen will
identify the game and give you a list showing what each fucntion key does.
F1, F2, F3, and F4 will select the difficulty level and start the game. The
higher numbered keys will give you a more difficult game, but you get a
higher bonus if you win if you play a higher difficulty level. The other
function keys display additional information.

TI-89 only: After choosing the difficulty level, you then go to the speed
selection. Normal speed runs the game at the same speed versions 3.0 and
before on the TI-89, as well as all TI-92 versions of Allecto. If you select
Fast, it will run 1.5 times the normal speed. This makes the game much
harder, but you will get an extra bonus if you finish at this speed.

Inverse Mode: To play the game in inverse colors (white ships on a black
background), type a capital "I" while on the title screen; the game will then
be played in inverse.

Once you select the difficulty level, the game play will begin almost
immediately. Your ship (an object which vaguely resembles the Greek letter
sigma (summation symbol) on its side) can be controlled by the cursor pad.
The condition of your ship is indicated by the line on the bottom of the
screen which seperates the game play area from the title. The line
originally goes all the way across the screen but gets shorter whenever you
are damaged. Colliding with the walls will damage your ship very quickly,
so be careful not to get too close to them! If the line completely runs
out, you will be destroyed the next time you are hit.

The LOCK key on the TI-92 or 2nd on the TI-89 will fire the selected weapon.
If you hold it down, it will fire automatically, but at a rather slow rate.
You can probably fire much more rapidly if you click the button as fast as
possible. The default auto-fire rate is 3 shots per second. If you purchase
the rapid-fire unit, the rate will be 10 shots per second. Firing at an
extremely high rate is not always useful, since you are limited in the number
of bullets you can have on screen at a time. The limit will initially be 16,
but you can purchase extra bullets during the game to raise it to 24.

To select weapons, use the corresponding function keys (TI-92) or the number
keys (TI-89). You can only have one weapon selected at a time, but you can
change weapons as often as you want to. It is possible for bullets from
several different weapon types to be on the screen at the same time. When
you first start playing, only weapon 1 will be available. However, you can
purchase additional weapons later on in the game.

The APPS key will save the game and then exit. Because of the trick that
Allecto uses to save the game without taking up extra memory, the saved game
may not be kept permanently. If you do a lot of stuff on your calcultor
after saving the game, you will probably lose the saved game. If you copy
Allecto from one calculator to another, the saved game will not be kept.
If the saved game does remain, it will resume automatically the next time
you run Allecto.

If you complete the entire game, you will reach a scoring screen. This
tells you the amount of points you get in each category, as well as your
total score. If you enter the high score table, you can type in your name.
You can enter up to 19 characters here. Once you've finished the whole
game, it will continuously loop back through everything. You are only
scored for the first time you go through the game. The high score table is
also displayed when you lose the game. If you don't finish the game, you
don't get a chance to have a high score.

_____________________________________ SHOP ITEMS

At certain points in the game, you will have the oppurtunity to enter the
Allecto Shop wehere you can purchase various useful items. You will only
enter the shop if you have at least 50 credits. You can collect money while
playing the game by moving your ship over it (the money is represented by $
and $$ symbols). When you collect money, it is automatically teleported to
the First Intergalactic Bank so that you can easily spend it anywhere in the

The following items are available at the Allecto shop:

Price Item Description

$50 Shield Recharge This increase your shield strength by 1 step if
it has been damaged.

$100 Extra Bullet This increases the number of bullets that can be
on the screen at once. Initially, you can have
16 bullets on the screen at once. By purchasing
extra bullets, you can increase this limit to 24.

$250 Double Shoot This weapon allows your ship to fire two shots
at once. Both shots a fired straight ahead.
Once you have purchased this weapon, you can
select it by pressing F2 (TI-92) or 2 (TI-89).

$400 Triple Shoot This weapon allows your ship to fire three shots
at once. One shot is fired straight ahead, and
the other two are fired to the sides. These
shots travel faster than normal ones. Once you
have purchased this weapon, you can select it by
pressing F3 (TI-92) or 3 (TI-89).

$500 Quadruple Shoot This weapon fires four shots at a time. Two
shots will be fired from each side of the
ship. The shots will alternate between
moving forward and moving to the side. From
each side of the ship, one of the shots will
go left and one will go right. Once you have
purchased this weapon, you can select it by
pressing F4 (TI-92) or 4 (TI-89).

$1000 Rapid-Fire Unit This allows you to fire rapidly by simply holding
down the fire button. You can fire 10 shots per
second with this, provided the total number of
bullets on-screen remains within your limit.

$1250 Dual Plasma This is a much more powerful weapon than the
previous ones. It fires two plasma shots at a
time. Each of them does seven times as much
damage as a shot from the first four weapons.
Once you have purchased this weapon, you can
select it by pressing F5 (TI-92) or 5 (TI-89).

$1500 Heavy Destroyer This supplies you with the Heavy Destroyter ship.
See the next section for a description of it.

$1750 Golden Arches This is a very unique weapon. It fires shots
which travel backwards and then swing forwards.
This weapon does slightly more damage than the
the Dual Plasma Cannon, although it can be
difficult to control. Once you have purchased
this weapon, you can select it by pressing F6
(TI-92) or 6 (TI-89).

$2000 The Allecto This supplies you with The Allecto, the ultimate
ship. See the next section for its description.

$2500 Triple Plasma This weapon is similar to the Dual Plasma Cannon,
but it fires three bullets instead of two. Once
you have purchased this weapon, you can select it
by pressing F7 (TI-92) or 7 (TI-92).

$3000 Deluxe Plasma This is the most powerful weapon in the game.
It fires four shots at a time, each of which does
10 times as much damage as the bullets from the
first four weapons. This weapon is selected with
the F8 key (TI-92) or the 8 key (TI-89).

_____________________________________ PLAYER SHIPS

There are three possible ships you can use. If you accumulate enough
credits, you may purchase some of the more advanced ships. Note that you
always trade in your old ship when purchasing a new one, so you cannot
switch back without purchasing another ship of the previous type.

If you are playing on the Beginner or Intermediate levels, you will be able
to receive a new ship for free after completeling a certain portion of the

The possible ships are:

1. SIGMA (Default Ship)

This is the standard ship. It has no special features.

2. Heavy Destroyer ($1500)

This ship is slightly larger than Sigma, so you will be more likely to be
hit when using it. However, it has several useful defensive mechanisms
which more than make up for this. It comes with heavy armor, allowing you
to survive up to 5 hits after the shields are gone. The armor cannot be
repaired after it is damaged. In addition, this ship has a radar scrambler
which confuses guided projectiles. This ship also has a special weapon,
which can be activated by pressing SPACE (Diamond on the TI-89). This will
fire two large guided bombs in rapid succession. These bombs will target
the toughest enemy that exists when they are fired.

3. The Allecto ($2000)

This ship is smaller and faster. In addition, it has a special weapon which
can be activated by pressing SPACE (Diamond on the TI-89). It can be fired a
maximum of once every 3 seconds. This weapon fires 8 projectiles in a spread
in front of the ship. It also generates an energy field which will destroy
approximately half of the enemy bullets on the screen as well as some of the
player's bullets.

_____________________________________ CONTACTING THE PROGRAMMER

If you find any bugs in this game or have suggestions or comments about it,
please tell me in E-Mail! If you are writing to report a bug, please be
sure to tell me exactly what the problem is and describe exactly what you
did before the problem occured. If you don't do so, it will be very hard
for me to tell what is going wrong! You should also tell me which version
of Allecto you have and which calulator you use in any mail you send me.
My main E-Mail address is:

I will usually answer my E-Mail within a week. If I don't, you can try to
write to one of my other addresses below. I will not be replying from that
address, so if your E-Mail is set up to block all messages except those from
certain addressses, you'll have to send it to one of the other addresses and
un-block that address. This sort of blocking has caused trouble for me
before since some people didn't even un-block the address they sent to.
The other addresses at which you can E-Mail me are:

You can always get the latest version of this game, as well as other
programs of mine, from my web page. The addresses are:

_____________________________________ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

This game is my own work. However, there are a few others whose assistance
was invaluable in producing this game, and there efforts will be acknowledged
here, in no particular order:

David Ellsworth Fargo II and the Fargo II development tools,
also a small bit of FLIB code I used

Olivier Lesteven TEOS and the TEOS development tools

Brian Anderson and The A68K assembler, used to assemble almost all
Charlie Gibbs calculator assembly programs, including Allecto

Tleilax DB92, an amazing on-calculator debugger

Rusty Wagner of ACZ The VTI calculator emulator, which provides the
ultimate testing environment on a computer

Scott Noveck of ACZ Suggesting the (former) name of Ship III

Zeljko Juric The TI-GCC library, whose documentation helped
to explain some ROM functions and also showed
me how to do OS key-reading and HW detection

The inspiration for this game comes primarily from these computer games:

Battle Squadron (Amiga) - Innerprise, 1989
Deluxe Galaga (Amiga) - Edgar M. Vidgal, 1993-1994
Tyrian (PC) - Epic Megagames, 1995

_____________________________________ VERSION HISTORY

Version Date Bytes Lines Description

0.01 22-Mar-98 2279 1021 First version

0.02 23-Mar-98 2833 1237 Fixed small collision detection bug
Added level 3 and implemented bosses

0.03 24-Mar-98 3955 1503 Timing fixed
Damage to player's ship implemented
Enemies changed
Increased number of levels to 6
Default weapon changed to single shot
Title screen added
Implemented enemy explosions

0.04 25-Mar-98 4746 1737 Optimized scrolling
Added 6 more levels
Implemented auto-fire

0.05 26-Mar-98 4879 1801 Added Weapon 2

0.10 29-Mar-98 6926 2422 Fixed bullet selection
Added Weapons 3 and 4
Added pause capability
Made large explosions for bosses
Added Allecto Shop
Added money to collect

0.30 30-Mar-98 8726 2916 Fixed money size
Added arrow-shooting enemies
Added cross enemies and bosses
Added radar scrambler
Added plasma cannons

0.60 1-Apr-98 8906 2982 Implemented "Golden Arches"

0.61 5-Apr-98 8902 2979 Widened ship's boundaries
"$" bonuses now give only $25

0.70 3-May-98 10470 3444 Screen sides now tile-based
Graphics completely redrawn each frame
Removed Single Plasma Cannon
Added ultimate weapon
Created two levels of rapid-fire
"$" bonus value raised to $50
Added final enemy
Put small delay between levels
Made "Golden Arches" more powerful

0.72 4-May-98 10893 3603 Full power start-up gone
New levels added (total of 28)
Level delay removed
Added "operator" enemies

0.73 4-May-98 10981 3611 Added another level (total of 29)
Fixed small level loading bug
Made the final level harder
Optimized enemy bullet routines

0.80 25-May-98 11712 3907 Changed some weapons a little
Lowered prices in Allecto Shop
Allecto Shop entry changed a little
Optimized enemy firing
Added "Random X" level series
Added triangle levels (total of 36)
Modified enemy control

0.81 23-Aug-98 11753 3920 Changed some enemy movement patterns
Fixed a couple of small bugs
Optimized display a little

0.83 14-Sep-98 12806 4195 Implemented scoring
Partially implemented difficulty selection
Optimized some code
Fixed enemy entrance problem

1.00 23-Sep-98 13498 4467 Implemented difficulty levels
Adjusted default scores

2.0 7-Feb-99 14898 5062 Optimized display routines
Split source into multiple files
Restored cursor speed on exit
Modified quadruple weapon slightly
Reduced memory usaged a lot
Added expert difficulty level
Redesigned title screen
Improved shop display
Added save-game capability
Fixed an enemy bullet bug
Added $500 bonuses
Added horizontal speed increase
Replaced "Deluxe Plasma Cannon"
No longer needs FLIB

3.0 10-Mar-99 15591 5380 Fixed prices in shop
Adjusted end-of-game display
Added new enemies
Added new levels
Enemy handling improved
Fixed small bug with spinning enemies

3.5 19-Oct-99 15582 5767 Now uses same source for all calcs
Fixed ROM 1.05 incompatibly on TI-89, 92+
Fixed display problems on the TI-89

3.6 20-Oct-99 15582 5772 Fixed shop display on the TI-89

3.7 22-Oct-99 15582 5800 Fixed some more serious shop problems
Corrected TI-89 title screen text

3.8 23-Oct-99 15580 5804 Fixed save game problem

3.9 24-Oct-99 15580 5804 Fixed highscore entry problem

5.0 17-Apr-00 16401 6293 Implemented two new ships for the player
Switched to TEOS build tools on 89/92+
Made shields equal on TI-89
Changed some shop prices
Removed two shop items
Optimized player weapon code for space
Added internal documentation text file
Added lots of new comments to the code
Fixed a very small collision-detection bug
Slightly improved guided enemy bullets
Redesigned player boundaries
Optimized initialization code

5.1 18-Apr-00 16385 6293 Fixed top line corruption on TI-89
Now works in Universal OS
Fixed shop display on TI-89
Fixed going off screen after buying ship
Buying new ship gives full shields
Optimized free ship screen

5.2 19-Apr-00 16375 6338 Scaled shield bar for TI-89
Fixed boss explosion / money drop
Fixed free ship font size on TI-89
Fixed top line display on TI-89
Protected against over-purchasing shields

6.0 14-May-00 16237 6838 Split enemy firing into separate file
Redesigned level loading
Increased power of Ship III's weapon
Added more comments to the code
Optimized all 3 main object structures
Completed internal documentation
Made Ship II smaller so it's hit less
Removed top line on TI-89
Archive no longer contains subdirectory
Fixed bug in free ship screen
Made wheel enemies have large explosions
Solid spinners can become small ships
Made super-bosses fire more powerfully
Changed special weapon to Diamond on TI-89
Made Ship III weapon destroy fewer bullets
New shield shown on ship purchase
Ship III weapon no longer destroys money
Added inverse display mode
Fixed slight positioning error on weapon 6

7.0a 8-Jun-00 17335 7384 Fixed collision detection bug in inverse
Implemented true collision detection
Optimized various routines
Removed the Ship III penalty
Named the additional ships
Changed Heavy Destroyer's special weapon
Added swooping wave ships & levels
Added final mega-boss

7.0b 12-Jun-00 17271 7432 Fixed serious interrupt bug
Fixed shop exiting slow-down problem
Optimized code
Reformatted source to 8 space tabs

7.0c 25-Jun-00 17271 7521 Made TI-89/92+ versions "nostub"

7.0 30-Jul-00 17026 7499 Removed all coyright restrictions
Redesigned some level laoding (smaller)
Implemented crash protection
Optimized several routines for size
Fixed various bugs
Rewrote player bullet handling (smaller)

7.01 31-Jul-00 17021 7512 Fixed Heavy Destroyer special weapon bug
Fixed minor title screen bug
Updated internal documentation
Fixed bug in crash handler
Slightly adjusted golden arches

7.02 5-Aug-00 17033 7517 Fixed bug making some enemies invincible
Correct title screen text
Fixed serious superboss shooting bug

7.1 21-Aug-00 17285 7665 Fixed lock-up on TI-89 when archived
Implemented text "compression"
Implemented ON-key break debugging option
Added 'Legal Info' on title screen
Can no longer over-purchase bullets
Stopped free ship keypress falling through
Fixed non-finishing bug
Fixed scoring with respect to speed

7.2 5-Nov-00 17277 7690 Runs at same speed on HW2 as HW1
Fixed 2 bugs on the TI-92/92+
Several small optimizations

7.3 26-Nov-00 17281 7691 Free ship level doesn't remove money
Fixed damage calculaton with Ship II
Removed unused files from distribution

7.4 5-Feb-01 16278 7619 Made some enemy bullets smoother
Optimizations (1K smaller on TI-92/92+)
Fixed possible bug in HW version detection
Boss firing alignment improved
Over-purchase protection on all shop items
Added launcher for AMS 2.03 users
Rearranged shop display slightly
Fixed possible bug in crash handler

7.4006 30-Apr-01 16282 7619 Change the name of the program
Removed launcher

______________________________________ THE FUTURE

This is probably the last major version of this game. I may make some more
releases in the 7.x series to fix bugs (though I hope there aren't any) or
to make minor changes, but I don't expect to do anything more than that.

In the future, I do plan to make a grayscale shoot-em-up game for the 68K
based calculators, which will be the sequel to Allecto. This project will
be made with TI-GCC. Work on it started several months ago, although it
is unfortunately progressing at an unexpectedly slow pace. This game will
have a design somewhat like Allecto, using 4-color grayscale and a slightly
smaller screen size to better fit the TI-89.

In addition to this, I am considering several new projects for the 68K
calculators, and plan to continue work on the Z80 calculators.
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