[SRC] Galaxian 3.0
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Description rapide : Un portage d'un phoenix de TI-85 sur la TI-92
Auteur de l'archive : PatrickD
Calculatrices concernées : TI-92I TI-92II
Hardware concernés : HW1
ROMs (AMS) supportés : Tous (ou non renseigné)
Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM
Description Complète : Galaxian 3.0 for Usgard -- Converted to TI-92 (Plus) by Source Guru

This is the original Galaxian game for Usgard, ported automatically with
Source Guru. Source Guru is a program that converts TI-85 assembly source
to 68000 assembly source. It was ported with permission of the original

This conversion was done with version 0.5 of Source Guru.

It works almost identically to the TI-85 version. All relevant keys are
mapped to their logical equivalents. You must install the library
TI85LIB to run the game. The TI-92 version runs under Fargo and requires
no libraries other libraries. The TI-92 Plus version runs under DoorsOS II
and also requires the userlib, filelib, graphlib, and ziplib.

I have tested the program and it seems to work without any significant
problems. Nonetheless I recommend backing up the calculator before running
it, and TI-92 users should start it from FPL or DB92 to have a chance of
recovering from crashes. Also, you must install 'TI85LIB' which provides
things such as ROM_CALL simulation for the converted program to work.

Known problems caused by conversion:

1) Gameplay somewhat slower than on TI-85.
It may be a little too slow. Later versions of Source Guru should help
this by generating faster code.
2) The ENTER key under the cursor pad will not work.
Use one of the others.

All original files are included in the 'ORIGINAL' directory.

Author : Patrick Davidson
Archive mise en ligne par : Flanker
Date de mise en ligne : 16/07/2004 à 17:24:28

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