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[SRC] Ncubate v031a[Archive déclassée]
Taille du fichier : 111.338 Ko
Nombre de téléchargements : 1206
Nombre de vues : 8894
Description rapide : Ncubate est un dérivé d'nspire_emu (fork)
Auteur de l'archive : ExtendeD
Calculatrices concernées : TI-Nspire TI-NspireCAS
Hardware concernés : Indifférent
ROMs (AMS) supportés : Tous (ou non renseigné)
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : ===============
= Ncubate Emu =

What is it?

Ncubate Emu is an enhanced of the TI-Nspire emulator nspire_emu.


Ncubate adds the following features to nspire_emu v031:

- NEW: 'File -> Save State' let you save the whole emulator state to a file
named <flash_image>.sav. The file is loaded on startup if it exists. You can
request a state reload with 'File -> Reload State'.
Caution, newer versions of Ncubate may fail to read .sav files produced by
previous versions. Delete these files when upgrading.
- NEW: 'File -> Save Flash As...' suggests the current flash image name
- NEW: several keyboard shortcuts added

- NEW: The register PC can be changed with the command 'rs'.
- NEW: Command 'j' to jump to the next instruction. This is useful for example
to jump over an halt() call in an Ndless program.
- NEW: Command 'ww' to write a word to an address.
- NEW: "+x" is the default flag for the breakpint command 'k'
- CHG: The breakpoint command 'k' takes as parameter a virtual address instead
of a physical address.
- FIX: Command 'd' doesn't crash if the parameter is missing

- FIX: Flash image closed when synced to disk, for external edition

- CHG: Remove log "Wrote to translated code..."

- NEW: Makefile.config for custom compilation flags
- NEW: make clean

What may be incubated

- Faster save/reload state
- GDB support (being tested)

Development team

Olivier Armand aka ExtendeD - < olivier dot calc at gmail dot com >
based on nspire_emu by Goplat


* v031a - 2010/08/30
- Migrate to nspire_emu v031
- ADD: State file version tracking
- ADD: Link target folder saved to save files
- ADD: Debugger command 'j'
- ADD: Debugger command 'ww'
- ADD: "+x" is the default flag for command 'k'
- CHG: Command 'k' uses virtual addresses
- CHG: Add shortcut for link connect, change shortcut to send a document
- CHG: Remove log "Wrote to translated code..."
- FIX: Couldn't save flash after sending a document from another directory when
loading a flash image with a relative path.
- FIX: Command 'd' doesn't crash if the parameter is missing
- FIX: "disconnect" not required anymore after a state reload before connecting

* v030a - 2010/08/15
- First public release
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