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Xpand v0.2b
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Description rapide : Patch permettant d'utiliser toute la mémoire de la Voyage 200
Auteur de l'archive : ExtendeD
Calculatrices concernées : TI-V200
Hardware concernés : Indifférent
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS2.07~2.09 AMS3.00~3.10
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : ===========================================================================

- Xpand v0.2b for TI Voyage 200 - AMS 2.07/2.08/2.09/3.01/3.10
Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Olivier Armand - All rights reserved.



You are not allowed to re-distribute this package or any part of it
without the authorization of the author. Freeflash is a type of
software which needs to be kept up-to-date. Limiting its
re-distribution is the best way to ensure this. Give a link to's archives instead of copying the package.

This program is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either
express or implied. In no event can the author be held responsible for
any damages (including, but not limited to, hardware failure, data
loss and/or certificate memory corruption), whether or not they result
(directly or indirectly) from the use of this program. Use this
program at your own risk.

What is Xpand?

Xpand is an OS patch to use as Archive Memory the 1728kb (~1.69Mb) of
FlashROM reserved for the Flash Apps.
2688kb (~2.62Mb) of Archive Memory will be usable after the patch.
(Remove 64kb from these figures for AMS 3.01, and 128kb for AMS 3.10
and higher).

Using Xpand

THE PATCH WILL BE IRREVERSIBLE. The only way to remove its effect is to
send a new OS to the calculator.

Run Xpand once from the Home screen on a stable calculator (without
any resident program installed, preferably after a reset).
The Garbage Collection made at the end of the patch can take a few
seconds. You need to patch the OS only once: you will not need to run
Xpand after each reset.

You can check that your archive memory has been 'expanded' by running
getconfg() in the Home screen: the value of 'Archive size' at the end
of the list should be higher than before (see 'What is Xpand?' above).

Once the OS is patched, its checksum is invalid; you will not be able
to send the OS from your calculator to another V200.

Caution, you may lose some of your archived files when sending a new
OS to the calculator once Xpand have been installed. Backup your files
before flashing the calculator, and patch the new OS after its

What was wrong with version 0.1?

Xpand has been removed from distribution for 9 months, because of an
important bug that made the calculator crash when trying to install a
lot of Flash Apps with Xpand installed.
The problem has now been fixed, Xpand should not interfere anymore with
Flash Apps installation.

The execution protection in FlashROM memory seems to be buggy on the
Voyage 200 when trying to protect a part of the range address
0x400000-0x500000. Perhaps this is why TI has created the limit of
available archive memory that Xpand breaks (for the same reasons as
the limit on TI89/TI92+ HW1 calculators broken by MaxMem).

An interesting feature added by version 0.2 to correct the problem is
that the execution protection in FlashROM memory has been completely
removed. Anything can be executed in archive memory after Xpand's

Contacting the author

Report any bug or problem to:
Olivier Armand (aka ExtendeD) - <ola dot e-ml at wanadoo dot fr>


08/15/2005: v0.2b
Support for AMS 3.10.

02/21/2005: v0.2a
Support for AMS 3.01 added.
Broken AMS version check rewritten.
French ReadMe file removed (not maintained anymore).
[Internal] Support for patched AMS for VTI removed (now
using TiEmu).
[Internal] MD5 signature generation rewritten.

09/19/2003: v0.2
Support for AMS 2.09 added.
Problem with Flash Apps installation corrected (see the
note above).

12/30/2002: v0.1
First public release.

Thanks to:

* Julien Muchembled for his similar patches.

* Matt Smith (SynthDude2001) and Patrick Nollet (stpatrick) for their
extensive beta-tests of v0.1 and v0.2.

* Kevin Kofler for having helped to find what was wrong in version
0.1 of Xpand.

* Romain Liévin for TiEmu, which reduces my work during updates.

* lionelA and Flanker for providing me something I needed to update
Xpand to v0.2a.

* lionelA for his beta-test of v0.2a and v0.2b.
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