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| DoorsOS II 0.98 |
| for TI89 and TI92 Plus|
Copyright (C) 1998-2000
by Xavier VASSOR

Web site:

DoorsOS is not a freeware, it is a cardware/giftware. It means that if you are using DoorsOS regularly, I would like you to send me a postcard from where you live, or any little gift that you want: It is not much for you, but it is a great encouragment for me !

You can send your card/gift at the following address:

Mr Xavier VASSOR
BP 19
78350 Jouy en Josas

The distribution of DoorsOS is encouraged, as long as all files are kept together, and the user doesn't have to pay anything to get DoorsOS.


I Introduction
II Installing DoorsOS
III How to contact me
IV Thanks to


DoorsOS is a kernel which allows the execution of assembly programs on your TI 89 or TI 92 Plus. It actually extends the built-in assembly support which is very poor.
This version of DoorsOS is a complete re-write of the kernel. Doing this I intend to make it more stable. It is now being written in a mix of C (90 % of the code) and assembly (the last 10 %). The source code of the kernel and the libraries is available in the developer version.

This version features:
- Runs on both, TI 89 and TI 92 Plus
- Support for all existing ROM versions and Hardware Versions. Only Ti92+ AMS 1.00 is not supported, because this version is actually outdated and incomplete (it lacks too many functions).
- Library support (even archived libraries)
- Anti Crash protection ! What's more, you can press STO+ON at any time to exit a program.
- French users can use the french version of DoorsOS :)
- Can run the Doors Explorer just pressing Shift+ON
- Can detect if a library, the ROM, the kernel is outdated.
- Supports programs which return expressions to the TIOS
- Breaks the software program size limit imposed on AMS 2.0x calculators.
- Automatically frees unused blocs of memory.
- Support for BSS blocks (for programmers)
- much more, of course :)

It includes the following libraries:
- userlib -> common & password functions
- graphlib -> graphical functions
- filelib -> file operation functions
- ziplib -> Compression / Extraction (Made By Marc Teyssier)
- hexlib -> Display Hexadecimal numbers

Some 'outdated' libraries are still in the package for anterior compatibilty:
- hufflib -> Extraction (use preferably ziplib)
- gray4lib/gray7lib -> grayscale (use preferably graphlib)
- linelib -> drawing lines (use preferably graphlib)
- util -> common functions (use preferably userlib)

II-Installing and using DoorsOS

II-1 Requirements

To install Doors OS you need:
- A TI 89 or a TI 92 Plus :)
- A Graph-Link cable, or any working cable and the appropriate software (you can download the GraphLink software at
- If you have a Hardware Version 2.00 calculator, please read section II-3.
If you don't know your Hardware Version, press F1-A from the Home Screen

NOTE: Use this program at you own risk. We can't be held responsible
for any damage done to your calculator, although no important damage can be done by software (ie. your TI will not explode ! :) )

If your TI89 freezes, press 2nd - Right - Left - ON to reset it.
If this doesn't work remove the 4 batteries + the Lithium battery

If your TI92+ freezes, press 2nd - Lock - ON to reset it.
If this doesn't work remove the 4 batteries + the Lithium battery

II-2 Installation

First, unzip all files contained in into the folder of your choice.
Use your link software to transfer the program, 'doorsos.89z' or 'doorsos.9xz' to your calculator.
If you have a Hardware Version 2.00 calculator, please read section II-3.
Run doorsos from your calculator (type 'doorsos()' at the home screen and press Enter). This will install the DoorsOS kernel on the calculator. You can delete the file 'doorsos' from your calculator after that.
Now you can run any assembly program: Just type the name at the home screen like you would do for a basic program. Libraries can be in any folder and can be archived.

If you press Shift-ON, it will run the Doors Explorer (file 'doors'). It can be in any folder and can be archived.

II-3 Hardware Version 2.00

Texas Instruments has implemented a restriction to assembly programs in Hardware Version 2.00 calculators, so here is what you have to do to break this restriction:

Have a look at the About Menu (Press F1 - A from the Home screen) to know your Hardware and AMS (Advanced Mathematics Software) version. If nothing is displayed about your Hardware version, it means you have a Hardware Version 1.00 calculator, so there is no problem :)

* If you don't have a Hardware Version 2.00 calculator, there is no problem
* If you have a Hardware Version 2.00 calculator and AMS 1.05, there is no problem
* If you have a Hardware Version 2.00 calculator and AMS 2.0x, you must install HW2 Patch 2.10 by Julien Muchembled on you calculator before installing DoorsOS. You can find HW2 Patch in the HW2\HW2patch folder. Thanx to Julien for letting me distribute HW2 Patch !

III-How to contact us

You can e-mail us at: <>

If you have a question about programming, you would be better off mailing
to the Assembly-89 mailing list <>
or the Assembly-92 mailing list <>

Please report any and all bugs you find using Doors OS, so that I may correct them quickly !
However, please try to give a precise description of what you did and what happened. Thanks.
Also please don't be frustrated if I don't answer your mail. I get a lot of e-mail and I don't have enough time anymore to answer them all. Thank you for your understanding.

IV-Thanks to

Actually there are many many people I should thank, but particularly:
- Zeljko Juric for TIGCClib and his help
- Julien Muchembled for HW2Patch and letting me distribute it here !
- Rusty Wagner for Virtual TI
- Fred from DBA for bin2c and his support on ICQ
- Perenono for supporting me every day :)
- Thomas Nussbaumer for his bug report and fix
- All those who are not listed here but who know that they should :)
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