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[tie] - millenium ti92 assembly shell
TI expansion
beta stadium
Last revision 2000/01/10

released by MXM Projects
created by MXM-TriX

We take no liability for using this software, or any crashes of your TI92
(lost of memory content, ...)

1. What is [tie]?

I hate this different formats (TI92+ against TI92), so I decided to support
the 68kP (assemblyprogram) format from the TI92+ also on the TI92. It's
better for programmers, ...

The programmingformat (format of the assemblysourcecode) isn't difficult!
Now you can play some (probably all) TI89, TI92+ games on your TI92.

I hope, [tie] support's all ROM versions like Fargo II
-> Please report me any bugs!

Very welcome would be a ROM information (every ROM function address), since
it's possible to use the memory from $C8 also for a ROM table (enough space
there) because at the moment, the supported functions are limited

-> [tie] has been tested on ROM 2.1


When you send a program from the TI92+/TI89 to the TI92, then you have to
use the integrated linker! Since Texas Instruments changed some things, the
linker will convert the program!

In future versions you will be able to send the programs in the integrated
shell (PCT) with the autoconversion

2. How can I install [tie]

You require the original TI Graph Link cable or the $4 cable (schematic on
our homepage).

Before you start with installing [tie], you have to insert the following
code into your <autoexec.bat>:

set TIE=c:\TIE

The procedure of installing [tie] is the same like in Fargo, just call

During this process, the program receive a backup, install the kernel and
then it'll put the backup back to your TI.

3. Running of [tie] programs

There exist two ways of launching [tie] applications

* By entering the name of the program and pressing enter
(Example: tetris() <Enter>)

* Or by using the [tie] (shell/PCT) (press the keys <SHIFT>+<ON>)

4. Programming overview

When you are a new programmer, then please take a look at some
documentations like

Jimmy Mardell's Guide (Availabel at
A68KCurs by MXM Projects (Availabel at

The programming of libraries and programs is the same like Fargo II.
The only difference is that you should insert an 'xdef _ti92' at the

An example

;- hello.asm ---------------------------------------------------------------
include "doorsos.h" ; You always have to use doorsos.h
include "util.h" ; The flib library is emulated by
; the util library
xdef _main
xdef _comment
xdef _ti92plus ; At the moment the DoorsOS linker
; doesn't support [tie]
; xdef _ti92

jsr flib::clr_scr ; Clear the screen
move.w #4,-(a7) ; attribute 4 (black on white)
pea hello(PC) ; Put the address of the
; 'Hello world' string to the
; stack
move.w #1,-(a7)
move.w #1,-(a7) ; X&Y coordinates for the text
jsr doorsos::DrawStrXY ; Calling of the TIOS function
lea 10(a7),a7 ; Stackcorrection

jsr util::idle_loop ; Wait for a key

rts ; End of the program
; Never forget this!!

hello dc.b "Hello world!",0 ; Hello world text
_comment dc.b "Hello world program",0 ; Shown in the browsers
END ; End of the program


Libraries are a little bit different than in Fargo II.
First you have to define the target of your library with

; xdef _ti92
xdef _ti92plus
; xdef _ti89
xdef _library

And secondly, you must not use library dc.b "libname",0


---- lib.asm ----

include "doorsos.h"
xdef _library
xdef _ti92
xdef lib@0000
xdef lib@0001

; Do something

; Do something


---- lib.h ----

lib::FunctionNamefor0000 equ lib@0000
lib::FunctionNamefor0001 equ lib@0001

To get an executable run tie.bat with your programname as argument

One example:

C:\tie\>tie hello
Assuming your program is called hello.asm

This will generate a file called hello.92p. Send this file to your ti92
and you can run it.

5. Legal stuff

Fargo has been programmed and is copyrighted by David Ellsworth.
[tie] uses an adapted PlusShell kernel (Thanks to Rusty Wagner)!
We also included own programs for inserting the kernel in the backup and a
linker for the $4 cable is also included.
The linker for the objectfiles is from the DoorsOS package.
Everything from the DoorsOS package is distributed with agreements from
Xavier Vassor!

We take no liability for any damage of your TI92!

You can put [tie] on any webpage, but please send us an email or put a link
from your page to our!

5.1. Contacting us

You can reach me (MXM-TriX) by email (, or write any message
on our discussionboard (

New versions will be availabel on our homepage or at

Look at "assembly-92" for other similar stuff, or questions

5.2. Greetings

Xavier Vassor Adapting of the DoorsOS linker ([tie]
TIGCC and some sources

David Ellsworth Thanks for your work, and please notice
we programmed [tie] to be compatible with

Rusty Wagner For the PlusShell kernel which is used by
[tie] and VirtualTI

Patrick Davidson For Phoenix - the first game which worked with

Jimmy Mardell BoulderDash, Tetris and many more games,
sources, ... from him - one of the best
68k programmers

All [tie] developers Please write your name and email to

All members of MXM Projects and the betatesters of [tie]
I only can write <thanks> ;-)

5.3. History

2000.01.07 [tie] 0.0.1
* Yeah, the first stable version of [tie] (millenium shell ;-) )
* At the moment it's only possible to call programs through the home
screen (example: test() ), but I'm working at the <SHIFT>-<ON>

2000.01.08 [tie] 0.0.2
* SHIFT-ON combo works
* Anti Crash protection integrated
* the kernel routines are accessible through $30 to $44 (see kernel.txt)
* added a little shell (similar to the original Fargo shell)

* Ported (recompiled) two games and yeah they work!
(download them from our page)

5.4. Planned features

* ON ESC combination
* Short: [tie] has to be totally compatible with DoorsOS
* I hope there is someone who recompile all libraries!
Attention: The libraries are machine dependend! Probably we will find a way
how to generate independend libraries

* Running of BASIC programs (Probably next version)

* All ROM functions (online ROM decoder engine needed -> finding of ROM
addresses, or TI will release the ROM addresses of the TI92 1.x & 2.1)
* Kernel support for TSR (not difficult!) -> offered as a library
* Linux port of our programs (next version)

Have fun with [tie]

TriX in the name of the [tie] development team
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